Prevent Minor Transmission Issues Before They Become Major Problems

Your car's transmission has the important job of providing power to your wheels as you shift gears. But the fluid that helps to lubricate, cool and clean the transmission's internal parts needs replacement on a regular basis.

If the check engine light comes on, you notice a burning smell or leaking fluid, or experience any grinding, acceleration delays or shaking when shifting gears, your transmission fluid needs prompt attention. Failure to replace transmission fluid as necessary can cause transmission damage, resulting in the much more expensive job of having to replace...

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What Does Your Transfer Case Do?

Have you ever wondered which components of your 4WD/AWD vehicle actually make it go? It can be interesting, and also useful, to understand how these things work to aid you in keeping your car functioning peak levels. One component that is important in propelling your vehicle down the road is the transfer case.

The transfer case is a unique gearbox that is used to distribute power equally between the front and rear axles on vehicles that are 4WD. In vehicles that are AWD, the transfer case moves power from one axle to the other. When your transfer case is…

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Choose a Preferred Traction-Adding Substance

Carey, Ohio will soon be in the full grip of cold weather. It is time to prepare a cold weather kit for your vehicle, and the Wagner Ford team can assist.

When snow and ice become a part of the environment, you never know what you might need. Therefore, pack basic items of survival: water, a blanket, care repair items, battery charger, and road flares. You’ll also rely on traction-adding substances to get your car moving over the ice and snow. Which traction material should you carry in your car?

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Importance of Maintaining Full Gas Tank

The little things we do to our cars could result in a huge difference in both you and your vehicle's life. Knowledge of your car and what could cause it to either last or not is fundamental. For instance, when the car’s gas tank is full, the dirt trapped in it could be filtered by the fuel filter. This is one reason why our service experts urge you to keep your fuel tank topped this season.

Not only does a full tank and clean fuel filter help you keep the fluids in your vehicle in check, but it…

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